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Conditions of Participation:

Only participants in a good physical condition can take part in this challenging running event. For safety reasons no dogs allowed.


  Start Contest Participants
4/10 17:30 Tour de Tirol Competitor m/f, YoB 2006 and older
4/10 17:30 Söller Zehner m/f, YoB 2010 and older
4/10 17:30 Söller Zehner - Team run m/f, you have to be 12 years old
5/10 9:00 Kaisermarathon m/f, YoB 2006 and older
6/10 09:00 Pölven Trail m/f, YoB 2007 and older
6/10 09:15 Kids - MW U14 m/f, YoB 2011 - 2012
6/10 09:30 Kids - MW U12 m/f, YoB 2013 - 2014
6/10 09:45 Kids - W U10 f, YoB 2015 - 2016
6/10 09:50 Kids - M U10 m, YoB 2015 - 2016
6/10 09:55 Kids - W U8 f, YoB 2017 - 2018
6/10 10:00 Kids - M U8 m, YoB 2017 - 2018
6/10 10:05 Kids - W U6 f, YoB 2019 and afterborne
6/10 10:10 Kids - M U6 m, YoB 2019 and afterborne


The rules of the Austrian Athletic Federation apply.

Categories: M / F U16, U20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+,
international over-all ranking

Tour de Tirol - Competitors:

There is an over-all result for all three stages, where the times of the individual races are added together.

Categories: M / F U20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+,
international over-all ranking result


JOLsport-Reborn GmbH, Dorfstraße 18, A 6323 Bad Häring

Opening times: Monday - Friday 9.00 - 12.00 & 14.00 - 18.00 

Fon & Fax +43 5332 75310


Bank Account:

Raiffeisen Bezirksbank Kufstein eGen
IBAN: AT13 3635 8000 0628 1604


The insurance (€ 25,00) is only bookable together with the registration. It is not possible to book the insurance afterwards. With the insurance you are able to transfer your start without giving reasons to 2025 until the 3 of october. After 4 of october no transfers are possible. Transfers only by E-Mail until the 3 of october to: anmeldung@jol.at

No starting fee refund! Transferring your start to the next year is only possible with an insurance booked at the registration.


Race Results – Single-Use Chip

The registration is done by race result, 5% registration fee will be valid.

Alternative Registration:

You can send your registration by fax, telephone or posted letter.


After the Awards Ceremony the results will be available online at www.tourdetirol.com and race results


Insurance is the responsibility of the athlete. The organiser does not take any responsibility for damage to persons or property. This applies also to lost items of clothing or other articles. With receipt of the race number each participant agrees that he or she is fully fit and able to take part.

Conditions of Participation:

In the event of my participation at the Tour de Tirol I fully accept and recognise the non-liability of the organisers for damage of any kind. I will not hold anything against the organisers and sponsors of the organiser or against the municipalities, through whose area we are running or sue for damage, loss and injuries of any kind, which could be caused by my participation in this event.

I am voluntary registered for the event “Tour de Tirol”. I agree and understand all rules, regulations, requirements and safety measures put in place by the event organisers.

I am in good health and am physically fit and am fully prepared, having trained sufficiently for the competition. My good physical health has also been approved by a doctor. I am willing to accept a doping test if required by the organisers and I accept all anti-doping rules of the WMRA.

I understand all potential risks of the competition and agree that the organisers or their sponsors cannot be held responsible for any injury or unpredictable incident which may occur and that I will therefore not take legal action. If necessary I will accept all emergency and first aid medical treatment during the event.

I authorise the Tour de Tirol and its official sponsor´s the full use of my application details. I also hereby grant permission for use of any photographs, motion pictures, and recordings of myself at the event, for any legitimate purpose, including commercial advertising. I agree that I have provided true information on my application and that my date of birth is correct and that I will provide the appropriate documents as proof if required. Also I will not deliberately damage my race number or pass it on to another competitor.

I accept that the race doctor, volunteers or race organisers are allowed, to stop competitors, who are unable to finish the race safely. I agree that participants, who do not reach the top of the Hohe Salve before 16.00 will not be on the official result lists. I accept that participants who do not reach the 34 km mark (Hexenwasser) by 14.15 will be stopped there - finishing the race is then at their own risk. I also know that headphones or headsets are not allowed at the race.

I confirm that I have read and fully understand the above declaration/conditions and that I will not take any legal action against the event, its organisers, partners or sponsors. I agree and accept all rules and regulations.

Please note: For the Kaisermarathon and the Pölven Trail there is an obligatory equipment!

Time limits/Cut-off-times:

  • Söller Zehner: Franzlhof: 17.45 pm, Finish: 19.30 pm
  • Kaisermarathon Söll: Söll KM 7: 10.00 am, Rübezahlalm KM 19: 12.00 pm, Tanzboden KM 25: 13.00 pm, Hexenwasser KM 34: 14.15 pm, Zielschluss: 16.00 pm
  • Pölven Trail: Steinbruch Bad Häring KM 13: 11.40 am, Zielschluss: 13.45 pm

Further Information:

If you require any further information about the Tour de Tirol or have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry by email at: info@jol.at Your inquiry will be answered as soon as possible.

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